Different Styles Of Goatees and Beards

Beard And Goatee Style Chart

As you can see from the chart of various mustache, beard and goatee styles below - there's plenty of inspiration to help you choose the best style and shape of goatee to achieve the look you're after. Are you a respectable, scholarly gentleman, a military leader - or a bad boy biker or ex-con? There's a signature look that you can achieve with your whiskers. The best goatee styles for you will depend on the density, distribution and character of your particular beard growth.

Chart Of Goatee Styles

Some men strictly and regularly wear only a goatee. Many men full-bearded men experiment with trying out shaping and styling a goatee after their beard has become too long and full -- then decide to prune their facial hair down to something a bit neater and more manageable. This is ideal because it gives you alot more facial hair to work with in a 'top down' manner, rather than trying to 'grow' a goatee from scratch.

Goatee With Sideburns

Many men also like to explore various lengths and styles of sideburns to compliment the look of their goatee. Fuller and longer sideburns can really complement and balance the 'weight' of goatee - especially if a guy has a very thick, full and round goatee (sometimes called a 'Circle Beard' or 'Moutee'.) Sideburns can also visially offset a very dark in color goatee that's longer than just a short bristle length. (The latter is sometimes called a 'Neat Goatee'.)

The key to a style of sideburn to compliment a goatee is striking a clean, sharp edge along the bottom. The sideburn may be short, atop the ear at the hairline or extend further down the jawline. Many men angle the bottom edge of the sideburn horizontally straight across, but angling the edge a few degrees with sharp corners. The right width and length can really help shape your face and give your goatee an even better look.