Minimal Or Mutton Chop? Sideburn Styling Tips

Types Of Sideburns To Compliment A Man's Goatee

A goatee on it's own can give a sexy, hot look to a man, but finding the perfect style of sideburn to compliment or set-off your chin whiskers can take your signature look to the next level. Whether your beard growth is sparse or naturally dense,

Best Sideburn Trimmers

A straight-edge razor or facial hair trimmer with very fine-toothed blades is needed to deliver a sideburn style with a clean, precision edge. It not only makes the sideburns look sharper and sexier, but also can insure your sideburns maintain that hot, stylish look for an extra day or three. If you prefer using a disposable razor, narrow 2-blade razor's like Schick Slim-Twin are excellent for clean sideburn edges.
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Gray Patches In Your Sideburns?

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Tips For Grooming Sideburns

Determining the ideal sideburn style doesn't have to happen all at once. If you already have a few days of stubble growth - or a full beard you can whack and hack down - you can judiciously explore both a sideburn and goatee style that works for you progressively. Err on the side of length, both in terms of how far down the sideburn extends down the jaw and neckline, as well as the length of sideburn hair itself. Especially if you're starting from a grown-out beard state, you can always remove more later.

Short Or Long Sideburns?

Always err on the side of longer as you explore the sieburn look you're going after. Even if you're looking for a conservaneat and precise look - you might want to start by cutting the sideburn straight across at the level of your lower ear lobe